Our Mission

To have a socially positive worldwide impact. To unite people from all over the world who believe that people can be kind to one another regardless of faith, race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We believe that family, do in fact, treat each other differently. Family watch out for each other. We are building the largest family on the planet, of people willing to be recognized with others, as someone that stands up for being kind. We use funds we raise to further our movement, give aid to those in need and send people on kindness missions.


About Us

"Many Faiths...One Family" was conceived in 2007 as one person's life dream to do something that would have the potential to impact people's lives, all over the world, in a positive way. A program that would help unite people and help people be less judgmental, to overcome indifference, hatred and prejudice, all of which is so prevalent today and growing at such a rapid pace all over the world. Finally, in 2016 with the support and partnership of close friends and family "Many Faiths...One Family" was launched.

We may be of many different faiths and beliefs but we believe that we can be united as one family by simply being kind. You don't have to know someone to be kind to them. You don't have to have the same beliefs as someone to show kindness. I'm sure you've heard stories of how strangers have put themselves in harm's way even risked their own lives to help someone. In that moment, there isn't any question as to what race the person is, what their beliefs are or what political party they belong to. When we see someone that needs help it's our natural instinct and desire to help.

The importance of the family organization and the special relationship that family members naturally have toward each other is the driving principle of "Many Faiths One Family". Family do in fact look out for each other and treat their family members with more patience, kindness and forgiveness. With this belief, we are building a worldwide family, the largest family on the planet, of people that not only believe in kindness but commit to be proactive in looking for opportunities to be kind.

A critical part of building this worldwide family is making it possible for family members to recognize each other.

Imagine driving down the road and seeing a lot of cars with the Many Faiths...One Family car decals displayed or standing in line at a store or being anywhere in public and to see others wearing one of the awareness bracelets, t-shirts, hats or lanyards and KNOWING that they are part of the family. What comfort knowing and recognizing others around you that believe as you do, in being kind and doing good to others.

These kindness mementos, such as the awareness bracelet, also act as daily reminders for you to look for opportunities to show kindness and invite others to help us grow the largest family on the planet.

Our fundraising is primarily through the sale of our Many Faiths...One Family kindness mementos as well as challenges, events, private donations and business sponsors. The funds we raise are used entirely to promote and market our programs worldwide, to send people on "KINDNESS MISSIONS" and to give aid to individuals and families in need. Our worldwide family play a part in helping find those people that need help by referring those in need to us. As our family grows so will the number of people that we help grow. Sharing experiences of how the united efforts of our family have served and helped those in need will bring great joy to everyone belonging to our family.

There is strength in numbers! Could you imagine if the 1.5 billion people around the world that are registered on Facebook were all part of our family and proudly displaying they are? We'd see family members everywhere! We looked at just 16 celebrities that had over 700 million Twitter followers. Imagine if those celebrities were part of our family and used their influence to invite all of those followers to be a part of the largest family on the planet?

Within each of us lies the power to make a difference. Unite that power and together we have the strength to impact the world. Kindness does make a difference. Join with us and be the difference. Become a part of our family now.