Kindness Missions

Couple Volunteering

What is a Kindness Mission? We would like to send you and your significant other on a one week Kindness Mission to a city of your choice within the country that you live. We will supply you with Many FAMILY kindness mementos such as awareness bracelets and window decals. All that will be required from you, is that as you enjoy your weeklong visit to the city you have chosen, video yourself daily doing kind acts and giving out the mementos while inviting others to become part of our family. We will share the highlights of your mission experiences on our website.

To be selected for a Kindness Mission is simple and fun. All you have to do is participate in our ongoing Kindness Challenge. We want to hear and see your "declaration of kindness" so we encourage you to submit a video of why you stand United in Kindness, what your thoughts and feelings are regarding being kind, or show us what you are doing to spread kindness. Be creative. If your video is selected, you and your significant other will be sent to go on a one week Kindness Mission.

Please close your video with the following phrase; "My name is, (say your first name) , I believe in being kind and I'm proud to be a part of Many Faiths...One Family, the largest family on the planet."

If you're uncomfortable speaking on camera, we still encourage you to participate. Make a "declaration of kindness" poster and share it with us.

If your video is chosen you will be contacted and together we will plan the details of your Kindness Mission. As Many FAMILY grows so will the number of Kindness Missions grow.

There are very few experiences that give greater satisfaction than to see the affect that kindness has on people and the positive difference that it makes. Be kind. Be the DIFFERENCE!!